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Related post: Date: underage girls toplsit Tue, 6 Nov 2001 14:47:29 -0800 (PST) From: Jenna de Rosa Subject: underaged russian girl Reluctant Mary Part 6 underage porn girl {Jenna}(F/F reluc)[6!_]The author permits any kind of archiving, posting, reposting, and reproduction in fixed form or otherwise, of this story. Copyright (C) 2001. This work is unsuitable for minors. This work contains graphic descriptions ukranian underage sex of sexual behavior between adult females and adult females with minor females. The explicit fucking underage teen nature of the underage teen stripping story may be offensive. Descriptions, underage porn research scenes, characters and situations are purely fictional and intended solely for the entertainment of its readers. Send comments to: JennaTarpyahoo.comChapter Six Kari liked the idea of Mary gaypussyeatingunderagestrongly doing stuff underaged teenies around kids, illegal underage hardcore especially little girls. She plotted out Mary's asian underage virgin next adventure in her underage modelling pix mind. She grabbed her camera, got underage incest imageboards in her car and headed over to underage lesbian nude Mary's.Today she really wanted to humiliate the neighborhood slut. It was another beautiful sunny day and she thought it would be a great underage russian pedo day for another trip to the park. Only today would be different. Kari knocked on Mary's door and underaged porn galleries went in without really getting permission. underage girl modeling She could do that now, she figured.Mary was looking a little depressed. underagegirls galleries Her hair was messed up and she looked like she hadn't slept well. She was still in her robe underage topless teen and hadn't showered. Kari didn't care though; this was going to be a day when Mary got dirty anyway.Kari walked up to the sad looking woman and asserting her power over her helpless neighbor, grabbed the uncombed hair on the back of Mary's head and with a firm jerk, faced the woman's face toward hers. Looking the cowering woman in the eye she said, "You look like shit! You wanna look like a dog? Then I'll treat you like a free underage fuck dog."Kari marched out to underaged teens jpg her car underage akt and returned with a large leather dog collar and leash. In an angry tone, she told Mary, "Put this on bitch."Mary reluctantly buckled the legal underage pics collar illegal underage twinks behind her neck. underage drinking editorials She knew she had to do whatever her tormentor asked or her life, as she knew it, was over. Kari had too many photo's of her doing perverse acts and she couldn't run the risk of having them published.Kari latched the leash to Mary's pics sex underage collar and headed out the door dragging the helpless robed woman behind her. They got in Kari's car and Kari drove them to the park again.Kari got out and pulled Mary out the driver's side by her leash. "Get on your hands and knees," commanded Kari.Mary slowly got underaged teens naked on her hands and knees on the gravelly pavement. The native underage girls small rocks cut into her skin and hurt. Kari led her to the grass a few feet away and Mary felt instant relief at its softness.Kari reached down and loosened underage hardcore black Mary's robe so that it hung open beneath her. Her large wobbly breasts hung freely and panties underage girls swung side-to-side as Kari made her crawl. Kari could see people off in the distance begin to stare at the spectacle unfolding before them.Kari marched in the direction of the beach, tugging on the leash and pulling the helpless Mary behind her. Kari loved the feeling of control. She couldn't believe she was doing this. She had her neighbor, crawling behind her on her loving underage boys hands and knees wearing only a robe that hung open and showed her tits! She was in heaven!Kari felt the eyes of curious onlookers as she approached the sandy beach dragging the hapless bimbo behind her. She opened the small bag she was carrying and underage girls tgp pulled out a dog dish. "Need to go pee?" she questioned the sweaty Mary dog."N-no." said Mary.Kari jerked up hard on the leash causing Mary to lift up slightly. "Dogs don't talk," she snarled at the stupid looking woman. "You can bark, growl, or whimper, but underage sex film sex underage bbs you can't talk. Understand?" she little young underaged growled in a low tone of voice.Mary whimpered her acknowledgment, "mm, mm.""Now I'll ask you again, you need to go pee, right?" Kari told Mary rather than really asked her.Mary whimpered again, young underage kiddy telling underage european sluts Kari she did need to pee.Kari stroked Mary's hair and placed the bowl between her knees. She lifted up the short robe and placed it on her back. In a childish voice,"Okay, little doggie, go pee," underage sister pics Kari told Mary.Mary bore down and squirted pee into underage fuck free underaged teen boys the bowl beneath her. It actually felt good as she really did need to go. She hated the idea of not being able to clean herself though."Good doggie," said Kari. "You did real good." Kari pushed Mary's robe up her back and then pulled it off her arms. Kari looked at the beautiful woman, naked, on her hands and knees in a public place attached to a leash. She felt a surge of power and authority rush over her. "Are you thirsty, little doggie?" Kari asked the humiliated Mary."Mm, mm," whimpered Mary's approval. She was thirsty and needed a drink badly. She expected water.Kari took underage escorts forum the bowl from between Mary's legs and placed it in front of her. "Drink, doggie," Kari underage topless models said.Mary couldn't believe it. Did Kari really expect her to drink her own urine?! Was she crazy? It was bad enough she'd just taken her robe and left her naked and attached underage sex moviess to a leash, but now she wanted her to drink her own urine in front of all these underage boy fucked people?!Mary felt pressure on the back of her neck. It underage teens modeling was Kari underage kinder pushing her head down. The pressure built young underage teen until Mary was underage schoolgirls nude on her elbows with her pink underage pussies face inches from the dog dish full of her own urine. Mary was starting to underage rape clips freak out as she strained under the pressure.Kari was feeling nebraska underage drinking ecstatic. Mary naked underage vagina was resisting just enough to make ru xxx underage the effort underage russians xxx all worth it. top underage cunts She pushed down harder on Mary's neck and repeated, "Drink, doggie, drink." She felt Mary weakening under her force as she continued to push downward. She chubby underage could hear Mary whimpering and pleading under her breath as fuck underage Kari intensified her effort. Mary's lips were pedo porn underage now touching the urine underage lola bbs as she bore down hard.Mary was determined not to drink her urine, but the pressure on her neck was porn teen underage enormous and she knew the porn movies underage only way to make it stop was to comply.Kari and others watched in disgust as Mary extended her tongue and lapped at the bowl of her own urine. baby underage They could see Mary grimace at the tanginess and shudder at the humiliation. Kari was elated when people grimaced at the sight and shook their heads and turned away. She saw a couple of people wretch at underage nude perteen the sight and she loved it. She couldn't believe that she had this much control! She was actually making another woman drink her own urine IN PUBLIC!! Wow!Kari watched in amazement as Mary continued to lap at the tangy yellow liquid. After a couple of tastes it appeared that Mary had grown accustomed to the flavor of her urine. She slurped and slurped until underage sex girls it was almost gone. Kari could see Mary's nipples had gotten hard and protruded like pencil erasers.Kari picked up the empty bowl and underage nude pis jerked Mary's leash. She wanted to walk Mary some more.Mary pranced as she walked, her breasts banging wildly from side-to-side. She was proud of what she had just accomplished and acted like it. She was able to drink almost all her own urine out of a dog dish on a public beach! She had done something so incredibly nasty that she'd never imagined herself doing before. And she'd underage art nudity done it in PUBLIC!Mary felt a underage porn 3d surge of excitement course through her body when she thought about what she had underaged teens nude done. She felt her pussy surge to wetness. Mary wanted to orgasm in the worst way but walking on all fours made it impossible to even touch herself. She tried as best she could to russian underage nudity rub her thighs together but it just wasn't enough. She wanted to underage drinking causes cum and she wanted to cum right now!Mary underage free gallery had to get the attention of Kari so she tried whimpering like a puppy, "mm, mm, mm," but underage nude gallery that didn't seem to do it. Kari just kept walking her along the 12yo underage porno beach. Mary needed to cum and she'd need help doing it. Mary's thoughts were focused on one thing and one thing only: cumming.Mary's breasts ached as they swung beneath her chest and bounced as she bounded along the sandy surface. Mary could feel the eyes of everyone on the beach within underage gallery teen eyesight watching her as she was walked like a dog, underage bikini girls naked, in front of them. Mary's pussy was throbbing teeny underage schoolgirls with anticipation. She arched her back attempting to push her pussy between underage land bbs her thighs to give underage sluts pic it more space to underage babysitter continue its swelling.Suddenly it hit Mary. She knew how to get Kari's attention. She bounded over to her like a underage nonude models jubilant puppy and excitedly wrapped her arms around Kari's thigh and while on her rap underage bbs knees, started humping her leg and whimpering, "mm, mm, mm."Kari immediately knew what Mary wanted. In her best albanian underage sex baby voice she talked to the leashed and chained Mary, "You wanna cum lil doggie?"Mary got an excited look on her face and started jumping around sex free underage on all fours causing her breasts to bounce wildly. She felt her pussy steaming with anticipation.Kari looked around naughty underage nonnude for something to help her little doggie have an orgasm. Just a cp models underage little ways down the beach past a row of sunbathers, just in front a small grassy park where underage indian xxx children played she saw a hotdog stand. "Okay, lil doggie, come on. Mommie's gonna help you cum."Together they walked along the beach toward the stand. Kari intentionally paraded Mary right in front of the row of female sunbathers.As the two approached, the girls sat up on movie underage their elbows and nudged each other and pointed. A couple girls put underage illegal escorts their sunglasses on their foreheads as the teen nude underage Mary bounded by, tits shy pussy underage flapping underneath her."Oh my gawd! Look at that!" one teen said."Ooh, she's sick!" another rape underage tgp said disgustedly.A third teased, underage biz ls "Nice DOG, lady!"All the girls laughed at Mary as she waltzed by.Mary didn't even care. She needed to cum so badly she barely even heard the humiliating comments.Kari bought a foot long and brought it over to Mary, who was waiting near the row of sunbathers. "Here we go sweetie," she spoke in her best baby voice, "I got you a little present! Now turn around."Mary spied the foot long dog and smiled at how thick it was. She quickly turned around and stared back over her shoulder arching her back.Kari pushed the foot long dog into Mary's steamy pussy and underage s elicited a deep moan from Mary.Mary pushed back against the foot long until she almost underage tit pictures devoured the whole thing inside her. She moaned for Kari to pull it out and push it back in.Kari understand what Mary wanted and holding the foot long dog by the underage com hardcore last three inches in a tight-fisted grip she pushed it in deeply before withdrawing it. Mary's soaking pussy enabled the foot long dog to be slid in and out with tremendous ease. Kari pumped the dog in and out a little faster and then a little faster.Within seconds she was hammering the foot long dog so hard that her fist was pounding Mary's pussy with each violent slam.Mary groaned and thrust her hips as the foot long pumped in and out, in and out. underage sex prevention Her orgasm that had been on the edge since she degraded herself and drank her own urine finally released with a gush of liquid that ran down the inside of her legs. Mary howled naked underage teen with elation, "O-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w!" as the liquid rush squirted form her loin with uncontrollable underage illegal bbs spasms.Mary collapsed in the sand and convulsed as her hips kept pumping until the orgasm subsided.Kari jerked up on Mary's leash when she saw Mary's pussy child underage fuck stop twitching and oozing cum. She said, "Let's underage virgin jerks go doggie." And walked her back to the car.Send comments to:
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